Members of the Center of Excellence for Exposure Health Informatics (CEEHI) are:

Assistant Professor Reazul Ahsan (City & Metropolitan Planning)
Research Assistant Professor Amanda Bakian (Psychiatry)
Assistant Professor Scott Collingwood (Pediatrics)
Professor Mollie Cummins (College of Nursing)
Professor Julio C. Facelli (Biomedical Informatics)
Assistant Professor Ram Gouripeddi (Biomedical Informatics)

Senior Statistical Analyst Danielle Groat, PhD (Pulmonary and Critical Care Research Center for Humanizing Critical Care, Intermountain Healthcare)
Assistant Professor Heidi Hanson (Surgery)
Associate Professor Heather Holmes (Chemical Engineering)

Professor John Horel (Atmospheric Sciences)
Professor Sneha Kasera (Computer Science)
Assistant Professor Kerry Kelly (Chemical Engineering)
Associate Professor Hanseup Kim (Elect & Computer Engineering)
Professor Flory Nkoy (Pediatrics)
Assistant Professor Cheryl Pirozzi (Internal Medicine)
Professor Christopher Reilly (College of Pharmacy)

Post-Doctoral Trainee Naomi Riches (Biomedical Informatics)
Professor Catherine Staes (College of Nursing)

Professor Krishna M. Sundar (Pulmonary Medicine)
Associate Professor Katherine Sward (College of Nursing)
Assistant Professor Phil Lundrigan (Electrical Engineering, BYU)

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